wearing monster jackets

Last winter, as you will remember, Germany has been a winter wonderland and the cold besides was crazy. That’s why this year we’re prepared and well equipped. For the first time in my life I own a down filled jacket and Marcus bought boots which fit to Canada-chill standards. So now we’re only waiting for the temperature to drop. It still feels like fall in Berlin, but we’re patient. We can wait… Here are two pictures for those who miss the snow (and miss wearing their monster jackets). Happy fourth advent!


This is what the baltic sea looked like at christmas time last year. The beach was covered with frozen waves and icy rims.


And this is what I looked like borrowing Marcus jacket.

Snapping these pictures was almost too painfull, because the minute we would take of our gloves to handle the camera our fingers turned into ice. Maybe we should get this special photographers gloves, too…