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Troistudios Photographers | about Hanni & Marcus

Hello there, we are Hanni & Marcus a married couple and photographer duo.

We met through art and have been inseparable ever since.
When it comes to photography, food and most other things in life we like to keep it earthy, true and simple.

A deeper explanation of this is shown by a photoset Hanni talked about in this blog article.

Photographing weddings brought us to France, where we lived 3 years in the beautiful area around Hyères in the South.
Now we are back in Berlin.

So what do you get ?
Authentic wedding stories told with ease and in a natural way. In a nutshell.

We have met great people and visited places we have never seen before throughout our journey photographing weddings in France.
Marylène & Jerôme for example invited us to their beach wedding in Corsica, we captured Sebastian & Markus in Luberon or celebrated with Christine & Maxence at their wedding in Paris. Second time they got married in Greece. Some couples, like Yui & Camille became close friends.

You like to know more about us? Just scroll down a bit.
Or peek into our headphones for music we like.

Our photographs have been featured on various international blogs.

Et oui, on parle Francais !


Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin Hanni Wurm

 ” I grew up in a family which is passionate about sailing and music. Almost every weekend throughout my childhood we sailed away and camped in the wilderness. Music became very important too, but was surpassed by my growing interest in art, film and painting. Later I studied fine arts and started to work in a more conceptual manner.
When I met Marcus I took his Nikon camera and learned how to shoot with film. I used photography as reference material for my paintings, but now documenting real life has become so much more interesting.
Later, Marcus and I moved to Berlin. I worked as a guide for c/o Berlin. What a great place to get to know photographers and their work. I decided that I wanted to work as a photographer myself. A hitchhiker told us about a friend of hers who was looking for a wedding photographer and I gave it a try. After three weddings plus our own wedding Marcus joined me and we have been photographing weddings as a duo ever since. “


Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin Marcus

” I like plants, I really do.
Beyond a weird memory about tying my shoes ageed 5 there is another one: I began skateboarding and simoultanously started photographing in the 90’s. Years later I went to New York and worked in a Harlem shelter. I photographed Harlem life in black and white.
Still a greenhorn I made a huge mistake when developing the negatives. Light came into the chamber and destroyed 4 rolls of film. Almost all rolls I shot in Harlem. A loss for which I needed quite a while to recover. Only a few photos survived. Since then I was fascinated by darkrooms and the calm and concentrated minds working there.
I continued shooting everyday life in art school and the skateboarding scene around me.
Later I used different media to visualise whatever I had in mind. Living in London I gave Rough Trade Records a visit and recorded bits and pieces people were listening to while flipping through LPs. I extended this project by recording clients in record shops in major US music cities. Later we founded  Kunstklub Berlin a non profit art space in Berlin. We closed the space after 3 years of fun and joy.
Hanni and I did lots things before becoming wedding photographers. All of which led us to where we are today.
Spending our lives together is the greatest gift I can imagine. Photographing weddings is the best job I’ve ever had. ”

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