Paar Fotoshooting BerlinPhoto shoot Tempelhofer Feld

A Berlin couple photo shoot @ former airport Tempelhofer Feld.
Not so long ago I visited my friends Albrecht and Pype. Albrecht served us a healthy juice made of beetroot, carrots, apples and ginger. It had the color of nailpolish and was the right kind of refreshment on this hot summer day in Berlin.

Afterwards we decided to take a short walk to Tempelhofer Feld a former airport right in the middle of Berlin.
I was very surprised by the huge scale of this abandoned area and its lush meadows, left untouched for so many years, right next to the runway.

There was also a special kind of silvery light. I guess the reflections from the asphalt made it. //H


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Another day in Berlin, another Berlin Couple Photo Shoot. This time with Ilo and Tobi.