Water, Food and Shelter

Hiking in the French Alps

We follow the stream and make our way slowly uphill. Hiking through a valley close to Italy in the french Alps we watch water bursting down rocks, forming cascades and rushing downhill. It’s pure, it doesn’t belong to anyone and it’s insanely cold. This is the first time that we will stay over night in the mountains. Our destination is an alpine hut, but we take our time, walk slowly and watch the dense fog gathering around us on the last bit of the way. The night falls and the animals begin to stir in the safe and quite haze. Meanwhile we humans are humbly longing for warmth, food and shelter and feel uplifted by the powerful image of the hut coming into sight. These are the things that we need. Clear water, food and shelter – and the beauty of nature. It’s good to know that this beauty is still there for those who are seeking it. The mountains make it hard for mankind to build big cities in them, or fast roads and industrial centers.

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