Romy & Raphael ~ Preview

A friend of us once introduced the term holodeck – effect for a situation where you enter a room, or you’re looking from one room into another space and what you see is so different that it seems kind of surreal. Shooting the wedding of Romy and Raphael somehow reminded us of that. We’ll show…


Travel Photos of Amrum on Polaroid It’s been a week since we first entered the island called Amrum and four days since we’re back in Berlin. We drove up North  to photograph the wedding of Aline and Philipp in a village called Nebel which means fog. I guess it got that name for a reason,…

Taking Turns

Entering the café we glance over the crowd and usually think, that we should have agreed on some kind of sign. But we haven’t and so we’re looking out for a couple looking out for us. This always works somehow. Meeting the bridal couple in person for the first time is a great moment.  –…

Everyday Still Life

I like the idea of having a category for this everyday things, compositions, arrangements – you name it – that just happen around everybody everyday. I will sharpen my eye for the next one!   magazine credit: The Travel Almanac ***

Venice on Polaroids

Journey to Venice with a Polaroid When I travel to a place like this, I prefer shooting with film. Somehow digital doesn’t work for me there. It’s not only the great look of film, or in this case the special tone of Polaroids. What I like about film is that I have to restrain myself….