At the end of our own wedding day this year we jumped into the pretty cold lake together with our photographer (our friend Albrecht).

Next morning we saw, that we left a trace of golden confetti on the lawn. The confetti followed us quite a while.
It stuck under our shoes, was found in our clothes (unfortunately it colored them too) and lay quite in many pockets.
I guess by now it has been distributed very far, because we added some into every thank-you card.

Inside the barn we used old sails from my parents for decoration. They had them on their own boat, when they were sailing on the lake in their youth.

One sail was hung very high, to help acoustics get a little better and the other sail was hanging very low quite above the dancefloor. We put confetti in it.
Every time somebody pulled it a little bit, the confetti jumped out and it was raining gold.

My brother took care for the music.

The Angels, Jackson 5, The Ronettes and golden pieces of paper.


Foto: Albrecht Pischel