Jerome & Marylène, Corsica

Corsica Wedding Photographer

We met Jerome & Marylène on Corsica. They’ve been hiking 5 days and reached their wedding venue with an aura of pure bliss around them. Two years ago, when they just got to know each other, they went on the exact same hike and discovered Serriera – the unknown destination of their journey. Since then this place has a very special meaning for them and now they got married there.
Jeromes and Marylènes wedding affirmed our belief that all good things are simple. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the noise around us. So sometimes you just have to celebrate the here and now.

On the ferry again, we talk about how much happened on that wedding day. How everybody swam in the clear blue water, how Jerome took away our cameras and told us to dance and drink with them, how the bright sunny morning  had turned into a heavy storm at night.
We can feel the ship struggling on the waves. The sea is still rough and the crew informed us that nobody is allowed to go outside.
Back home we cannot believe that we’ve only been gone  four days.


Wedding Photographer CorsicaCorsica Wedding Photographer Corsica Wedding PhotographerWe don’t know who that is, but they had a lot of fun.

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UPDATE: Jeromes & Marylènes wedding has been featured on Un Beau Jour.

We also recorded Jeromes & Marylènes wedding video.