Corsica by car


… we decided to turn this journey into a little roadtrip. So we drove the Volvo onto the ferry and off we rode into the gentle Mediterranean night. Next morning we approached Bastia and headed towards Serriera on the islands westside. The road took us through the airy mountains, along  gunshot riddled street signs, pigs and cows roaming through the woods. Once we parked at the edge of a forest, when suddenly the rocks around us started to move. We couldn’t believe our eyes, as we realized that those rocks were actually pigs . The curious animals got interested in the Volvo and started rubbing their booty against the car until it was shaking. Finally we approached Bussaglia beach. Sky and water blended into one single soft blue and we thought to ourselves that this wedding was going to be special indeed. Our next post will tell about Jerome & Marylène who had the most down to earth destination wedding we could imagine.

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