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Wedding Photography & Couple Portraits

Marie & Guillaume

enjoyed the sea breeze & steady rhythm of changing tides on the cliffs of Dinard / Brittany.

Nathalie & Hamza

flew in from Australia & married at Cap Brun. Melbourne - France: 16500km

Marylène & Jerôme

blue lagoon boat trip, tuna on the beach and a wild party we will never forget. Lightness of being on Corsica.

Sebastien & Markus

A perfect day in Provence: Relaxing at the pool, drinking Belgium beer and getting married to the man you love.

Mona & Thorsten

and the singing priest.

Sylvia & Bo

came from China for a pre wedding shoot. We had sun, fun ... and goats.

Julie & Henry

married on the beach where they first met. Here comes the sun in Antibes!

Louise & Andi

invited everybody to celebrate at grandmothers house somewhere in rural France.

Yui & Camille

Climbing triangles in the cubist garden of Villa Noailles in Hyères, South of France.

Christina & Maxence

married twice. We followed them from Paris to the magnificent island of Thassos / Greece.

Sophie & Graham

had a good time on a beach in Cavalière / South of France. a real good time!

Faye & Stefan

and the mammoth who lost his trunk.

Christina & Maxence

planned two weddings from long distance. This one's in Paris where they celebrated in their favourite restaurant

Manue & Greg

had a homemade wedding in Southern France and rocked the dancefloor until break of day.

Emilie & Marc

Do you know Kool and the Gangs 'summer madness' ? Their wedding on Corsica was a version of that.

Eva & Johannes

said yes in their neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.One busdrive later the countryside garden party started.

Olivier & Dorothée

found a giant door on a vineyard in Provence and danced on the glass roof of the wine cellars.

Marine & Manu

showed us the island of Porquerolles in the Mediterranean and didn't mind to climb on trees and cliffs.

Daniela & Michael

found a venue treasure and celebrated their intimate wedding at long tables under a linden tree.

Judith & Jost

live in Hamburg and found a charming barn nearby. The church was not far away either. Just a short walk on the dike.

Johanna & Bastian

showed us a hidden spot in the countryside and celebrated their wedding with home cooked food and campfire.

Aline & Philipp

invited us to photograph their intimate island wedding in the far North of Germany.

Romy & Raphael

know how to have a relaxed and elegant botanic garden wedding with 1920's vibe, a diy candy session and live cooking.

Pype & Albrecht

A light hearted photo shoot on the abandoned airport Tempelhof in Berlin.

Anna & Alexander

have a lot of talented friends who helped to organize an atmospheric garden wedding close to Berlin.