Hello there, we are Hanni & Marcus, a married couple and Berlin wedding photographer duo based in Berlin and Southern France.

We are visual storytellers with a documentary approach and the intention to show the honest beauty of things. We’re allergic to fake.

German is our mother tongue, but you can contact us in French and English if you like.

Our work has been published in magazines like “Die Zeit” and on some of the most influential wedding blogs such as Junebug Weddings, Rock My Wedding, Un Beau Jour and many more.


Berlin Hochzeitsfotograf Troistudios


Since two years we have a little daughter called Alma and we couldn’t be more happy.

We are adventurous people and somehow we never stay in one place for too long. (We often joke that packing bags, carrying and squeezing them into our car is our work out.)

Being at the sea always makes us happy. Our second home is a small town on the Mediterranean cost between St. Tropez and Toulon. We made new friends there and ended up staying for three years.

Now it’s our second base to shoot weddings from.


Hochzeitsfotograf Braunschweig Marcus Gründel


When it comes to photography, food and most other things in life we keep it earthy, true and simple.

Our way of documenting weddings is very unintrusive. With exception of the couple portrait shoot we never interfere or tell people what to do.

Like to know more? Shoot us a message and we’ll be in touch.

You like music as much as we do ? Then throw this to your music maker!


More projects we are into:

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