“We were searching for a photographer that could capture the comfort, familiarity and home we had already created for ourselves – our story, not just a wedding.”

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Hello, we are Hanni & Marcus.

Documentary wedding photographers with a home & heart in Berlin and France.

On the adventure of shooting wedding stories in Germany & Europe since 2011.

This is us straying through a corn field during our own wedding.

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Monthly Archives: November 2012

sheep portraits

This post is dedicated to a bunch of rather unexpected wedding guests.

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a rose is a rose is a rose

Roses’ names can be very different. Speaking for myself, I judge on the roses by the name. I like the rose when I like its name. The name adds a certain flavour to the plants botanical features.

Sometimes the name of a rose mirrors these features, sometimes its the name of the cultivator and very often its just a name with a good vibe. Of course, history influenced the fashion of name giving as well as it changed the variety of roses. Sometimes, even the name changed in the decades, because common taste did not allow filthy names like “Cuisse de Nymphe émue”, which is also known today as “Maiden’s Blush”.

When working with roses in a huge garden, one important thing is to label them. Young roses, like babies, almost look the same for a non expert. Especially in autumn, when the blossoms are gone and the leaves fall off. At Kerusten more than 500 roses waited for their label. Here are some of them.
– m-


label of rose treasure trovelabel of rose seven sistersetiquette rosie rouge de doulonetiquette rosie captain williamsetiquette rosie de Psychea very old rose Richardiilabel of rose de reshtetiquette rosie perle de weissensteinRosie Albertinelabel of rose Kew RamblerRose Gruss an Aachenla rosie Evangilinelabelling Centifolia Muscosiaetiquette rosie Alberie Barbier

Katharina & David // Preview

Katharinas and Davids first dance has been one of our favourite wedding moments this year. We wish you could have been there!


Katharinas and Davids first dance with backlighting

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Johanna & Bastian

Gartenhochzeit in Berlin

Garden wedding in Berlin.
Sometimes you don’t need to travel to the other end of the world. The most perfect wedding venue could be very near. It could be right there where you spent your summer weekends as a child and picked the sweetest strawberries ever.

It could be your grandparents garden.





Berliner Gartenhochzeit

Ever since the day we met Johanna and Bastian we were very curious about their wedding day. They told us about their families and the property near Berlin in the village called Rüdnitz. We instantly felt very connected to them and their idea of celebrating a wedding, because it reminded us of our own wedding day.

There’s something very special about a wedding like this. Certainly turning a backyard into a wedding venue all by the help of family and friends takes a lot of strength, coordination and things can be a little chaotic sometimes. But at the same time there’s a wonderful atmosphere of calm which evolves from the feeling to be at home.


Bridal bouquet: Frau Rose
Johannas hair: Vokuhila Berlin

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