“We were searching for a photographer that could capture the comfort, familiarity and home we had already created for ourselves – our story, not just a wedding.”

Nicole & Logan, married in Berlin

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Hello, we are Hanni & Marcus.

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This is us straying through a corn field during our own wedding.

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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Les Gorges De Toul Goulic

les gorges de toul goulic


We continue our mix of wedding and travel photography. Today we like to show you a truly extraordinary place. When hearing the word Brittany most people will think of the coast, the sea, fruits de mer and small villages between rough cliffs.
Although this already does sound great, we can assure you – there is even more.

Central Brittany has a rich vegetation because it’s a very humid region. Everything seems to sprout fast and chaotic. Plants are weaving impassable walls at forest borders. Moss and arm thick roots are covering trees and make it difficult to say if this is still a tree or something entirely different.
It’s wild and it’s different from anything we have seen before.

Some days ago we visited les Gorges de Toul Goulic. Descending into the green we felt as if we were entering another world.



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Lovely Letters

We received a letter today.

It’s a lovely letter. A letter of recommendation written by Johanna & Bastian.
We know that it takes some strength to sit down after a long day of work and to write something as amazing as this.
And we don’t take it for granted.

A wedding photographer might write about his style of photography, his way of capturing a wedding and his award winning pictures  and so on – but there’s no one who knows the deal better than the couples he photographed.

With this post we want to say thank you to all past and future couples who are sharing the experience they had by booking us.

You’re awesome! And we’re simply overwhelmed and gratefull for your support.

Thank you for caring for our work. We couldn’t do it without you.


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Hochzeitsreportage Hamburg // Bettina & Tim

Für diese Hochzeitsreportage aus Hamburg waren unsere Unterwasserkameras nicht dabei. Der Sturm, der die Hochzeitsgesellschaft von Bettina & Tim auf dem Weg ins Elsa Brändströmhaus überraschte, fegte mit Windstärke 8 – 10 durch die Stadt. Straßen wurden geflutet, Bäume knickten um. Ein dramatisches Szenario. Exakt bei Ankunft aller Gäste, legte sich das Unwetter und das Fest konnte weiter gehen.
Schön !
Bettina and Tim got married in Hamburg.
And of course it wouldn’t have been a real Hamburg wedding without a harbour boat trip, champagne and thunder storm.

Hochzeit Standesamt BlankeneseHochzeit Hamburg HafenHochzeitsreportage HamburgHochzeit Hamburg BootsfahrtHochzeit Hamburger Hafen Brautpaar

Mehr Küste?

Die Hochzeitsreportage aus Hamburg über Judith & Jost.

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old stonehouse FinistereToday we awoke at the end of the world.

At least this is what the Romans used to call Brittany because of its distance and remoteness. Of course distances are felt different nowadays, but still we can sense the meaning of that phrase.

For almost one month we will call an old stone house with blue windows, ancient wooden beams, a bat, some cats and a chimney which is large enough to roast a very big animal our home. This house is part of the farm Kerusten, which was transformed into a beautiful labyrinthine garden of ancient rose bushes, rhododendron, rare trees and about a million of other plants by Noelle and Philippe Morinière.

It feels like living on a blooming island surrounded by soft waves made of green hills. It’s quite here. Yes it is. But we won’t be quite anymore and tell and show you more about our life at Kerusten soon.


garden labyrinth bretagne

farmhouse in rosegarden Bretagnewall made of treesmoss on stone staircasewild cat on stone table

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Bits of France

chimneys in LyonWe have an awfully bad conscience. Not only do we still have so many unique weddings to share – we also spent the last month traveling around France and haven’t wrote a word or posted any picture about it yet.

So where should we start?

For now we’ll skip back and hope you’ll enjoy this collage showing bits of our past few weeks of traveling. (More to come.)

And by the way –  if any of you dear readers has dreamed of a couple portrait shooting in Brittany all your life: Stop whatever you’re doing right now, pack your suitcase and get in touch with us!



sleeping chihuahua on bedcafe bar in Lyonstraw hat tricoloresalsa lesson in lyonpine trees ghostly illuminatedold fishermens house cap ferrethuge hedge hides white doorstormy Atlantic coast and huge swell


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