“We were searching for a photographer that could capture the comfort, familiarity and home we had already created for ourselves – our story, not just a wedding.”

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Hello, we are Hanni & Marcus.

Documentary wedding photographers with a home & heart in Berlin and France.

On the adventure of shooting wedding stories in Germany & Europe since 2011.

This is us straying through a corn field during our own wedding.

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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Taking Turns

Entering the café we glance over the crowd and usually think, that we should have agreed on some kind of sign. But we haven’t and so we’re looking out for a couple looking out for us. This always works somehow. Meeting the bridal couple in person for the first time is a great moment.  – You drink coffee together, you chat and you get to know the people very well. Often, they tell us a lot about their families, they share personal stories and ask for our advice regarding wedding planning questions.

Some minutes later it  feels as if we have known each other for a longer time. When this happens we enjoy the feeling of having met the right people. Getting this connection to couples we photograph is an essential ingredient for us. We don’t believe that clients are “just” clients.
And it’s a good thing when our pictures and the way we see people, weddings and the world seem to reach people who also think that way.

If  it “clicked” , we drive home in a very good mood. It warps us back into the time we were planning our own wedding.

And we’re thinking about the months to come, weddings to photograph and cities to visit. We’re happy, because we will experience this time together, taking turns in driving our car and listening to Bill Callahan sitting in the back seat.


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