“We were searching for a photographer that could capture the comfort, familiarity and home we had already created for ourselves – our story, not just a wedding.”

Nicole & Logan, married in Berlin

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Hello, we are Hanni & Marcus.

Documentary wedding photographers with a home & heart in Berlin and France.

On the adventure of shooting wedding stories in Germany & Europe since 2011.

This is us straying through a corn field during our own wedding.

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Monthly Archives: November 2011


Paar Fotoshooting BerlinPhoto shoot Tempelhofer Feld

A Berlin couple photo shoot @ former airport Tempelhofer Feld.
Not so long ago I visited my friends Albrecht and Pype. Albrecht served us a healthy juice made of beetroot, carrots, apples and ginger. It had the color of nailpolish and was the right kind of refreshment on this hot summer day in Berlin.

Afterwards we decided to take a short walk to Tempelhofer Feld a former airport right in the middle of Berlin.
I was very surprised by the huge scale of this abandoned area and its lush meadows, left untouched for so many years, right next to the runway.

There was also a special kind of silvery light. I guess the reflections from the asphalt made it. //H


Berlin Couple Photo Shootcandid portraitcouple photo shooting Berlinself made juice rose madderberlin couple photo shootingnike new balance photo shoot styling BerlinBerlin airport Tempelhof couple photo shootingcouple portrait vintage glassesportrait session runwaycouple photo shooting Germanylight hearted runway couple photo shootcouple portrait on airport Tempelhof in BerlinFoto Shooting in BerlinTempelhofer Feld coupleshootartist couple BerlinBerlin portraitBerlin Couple Photo Shootcouple photo shoot storyPaarfoto Tempelhofer Feld Berlincouple photo shooting BerlinTempelhofer Feldportrait vintage glasses berlinFlughafen Tempelhofcouple portrait Berlin sky
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Another day in Berlin, another Berlin Couple Photo Shoot. This time with Ilo and Tobi.

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Anna & Alexander

Sommerhochzeit in Berlin

Anna and Alexander created a casual and comfortable surrounding for their guests. There was a beautiful old barn and a wild growing flower garden. Bride and groom have very talented friends. When I got there in the morning they were arranging flowers, decorating tables, cooking, cutting hair, tuning guitars… So actually everybody from hairdresser to cook and musician was somehow a friend. And I guess that’s why everybody greeted me like a friend, too.

Their ceremony took place under a giant walnut tree and was accompanied by live music and singing. At dawn self-made paper lanterns were lit and later that night the crowd danced and partied under a clear sky full of stars and a disco ball hanging in a fir tree.
~ Hanni


Sommerhochzeit Berlin

Just one click away
Annas and Alexanders homemade garden wedding took place in Gartenglück Wegendorf. Wegendorf is a village one hour from Berlin, where they found this beautiful wedding venue.
Another wedding in Wegendorf: A country wedding in Berlin of Eva & Johannes by Berlin wedding photographer Troistudios Photography.

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Paarshooting Braunschweig | Eva & Lucas

One late summer afternoon we met Eva & Lucas at the lake.

After hours of lying in the grass, swimming and doing nothing we were hungry and packed our towels. We walked along the little path by the birch trees. When I saw Eva & Lucas taking a last look at the lake I pulled my camera out of the pocket.

Later we passed a sandy field, a kind of training ground for horses, where Marcus came up with another couple portrait which is part of the series homies.





Paarshooting Braunschweigjunges Paar am Seecouple shooting on a lake

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Friends, Artists & Homies

Portraits of people I know.


simple portrait troistudios photography-7

Master Cheng Wu Luo


simple portrait troistudios photography-3



western photo couple shooting

Lucas & Eva


simple portrait troistudios-2



paddy troistudios photography-1

P & M


portrait argentique



simple portrait troistudios-4



simple portrait troistudios photography-5

a friend from Emmaus


simple portrait troistudios-7

Vitna & André


simple portrait troistudios photography-1


studio portrait thinking



skateboarder portrait troistudios photography

Ralph & Gettho


simple portrait troistudios-5



simple portrait troistudios-3



simple portrait troistudios-6



simple portrait troistudios photography-8


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